App Development


Tweedle Works can develop your iPhone app for you!

Tweedle Works is a full service, independent iphone development company.  We specialize in business apps, utilities and other non-game apps.  We are excited about the iPhone platform and enjoy development solutions for this rapidly changing platform.  Tweedle Works was started in February of 2009.  We believe in developing quality solutions for our customers that make money for our customers.

Prior to starting Tweedle Works, Daniel Shelley worked for Novell, a leading networking software company, for over 10 years.  While there he worked on a variety of platforms and technologies including portals, email servers, and collaboration platforms.  In addition to working as a developer at Novell, Daniel worked for a couple of years at Novell as a product manager.  Product managers talk to customers and help to decide which features and products are profitable in the market.  They know how to talk to customers and sales people and are adept at interpreting technical jargon.  This product management experience gives Tweedle Works the edge up on other software development companies.  We know the right questions to ask about the business side of developing apps.  Just because an app idea is "interesting" to a developer, does not mean that it will make money.  Work with us and we will be able to help you select the right features that will make your app successful in the marketplace.


Here are some of the apps that we have written for our customers:

  1. -CrimeReports (1.0 version)

  2. -GW Web

  3. -GW Mail

  4. -GW Calendar

  5. -Vocal Singer’s Warmup

  6. -2009 California Vehicle Codes

  7. -Get Out and Stay Out

In developing your app, we can have our experienced graphic artists work on the artwork for your app.  Or, if you already have those skills available to you, we can work with your graphic artists as well.